fired1Pergh… I felt so anger right now. Actually this is happened last 2 days. But I don’t know how to sez. that’s why I’ve to take time to cool down my self.

Have you ever heard “Mulot Longkang” ??? Yesss… whrerever you go, you’ll never been missed to faced with those kind of peoples. Dammit men~

Others, people called “Wayang-Wayang” Hell with this kind of people… but I really disappointed since my job was bypass by someone. Then those Bloody-Hell are acting like they are the superb one in the Office.

I don’t care if your “Wayang” doesn’t involve my job or my carrier. But, since they’re already bypass my duty, I felt like want to stab somebody.

After I’ve got 2 warning email from my bosses, it looks like some one have a happy face. FUCK! Actually, what the fucking problem with me? My job and my work scope never touch touch their butt. Damm…. DAAAMMMMIITTT…

~Is it better for me to quit from here?

~ Quit? Find another job? Or wait for my revenge? I cant wait any logger… seriously, someone might “killed” if they got my revenge.

~Sorry bout my dam English… When I’m talking/writing in English… that’s shown how anger I’m right now.